Business card website in 3 languages

Business card website in 3 languages

Prices for launching and publishing trilingual web projects

Business card site in Turkmenistan in three languages

All business entities, Individual Enterprises and Private Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan must have a Website in 2020

The order of publication of languages ​​at your request. The main page can open in the language you want.

At the top of the Site we’ll check the radio buttons for language panels.

We’ll launch a business card 3-5 days after payment and providing access to your hosting panel (if there is no Domain Name and Hosting in Turkmenistan, we will show you where to get it and help with domain registration).

You can pre-purchase the Hosting and Domain Name through the Coordination Center for registration of National Domains of Turkmenistan. It will be like

We help with registration in other zones – ru, com, net, org, info, biz.

Our partners – Registrars – can offer more than 200 domain names (thematic, regional, etc.).
So what will happen on the Business Card Site?

1. 4-5 main pages are: Home, About the company, Activities, Small photo gallery or portfolio. At the top of the site we’ll show your phone and email address, language checkboxes. (if you need more pages or additional functions, we are ready to talk, but the cost of work will be increased)
2. Contact and feedback form. If you purchase Domain and Hosting on our recommended site, we will help you to create corporate mail of the form (any number of mailboxes)
3. If desired, we will register your company on three Internet portals in Turkmenistan, where you can make your own Showcase of goods or services, news, a blog, a forum, etc.
4. If more languages ​​are needed on the site, then the surcharge for each language is 1000 manat (translations are provided by the customer)

ATTENTION! Texts with translations (three languages ​​- Russian, English, Turkmen), photographs, logo, pictures are provided by the Customer in Electronic form.

The cost of a Trilingual Business Card Website of 4-5 pages is 4,500 manat. Prepayment by transfer of 100%

If you want to pay in cash, we will issue an invoice and give a receipt. BUT PREFERENCE for payment by Bank transfer.

Services for the development of Internet projects in Ashgabat
Our contacts in Ashgabat:

Call in Russian 680945, 203890, +99363944266.

Call in Turkmen 145622, +99363944265


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